How To Place An Bulk Order with Tea Tree Cafe?

Isn't a great ideas of having bubble tea or dessert for your events or any special occasions? Impress you guests today!

What is considered a bulk order?
Any orders above 100 cups and above. Maximum of 2 flavours.

Any discount for bulk order?
Discount rate are much depends on order quantities and requirements. Do email us for quotation.

Simply follow the steps below to place a bulk order.

STEP 1: Confirm your date and time, venue & quantity.

STEP 2: Visit our Menu to choose your drinks and toppings. Sugar level for beverages are adjustable from 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

STEP 3: Email your orders and enquires to You may include the following information:

Delivery Date and Time:
Delivery Address:
Orders and Qualities: eg. Signature Milk Tea, 50% sugar, with pearls. 

Contact Person:

Please note: 
1. All bulk orders' drinks are prepared in 'No Ice' to avoid dilutes.
2. A minimum of 7 working days is required.
3. We accept COD, bank transfer or payment through Gebiz.
4. All bulk orders will be delivered in foam box packing.
5. All drinks or dessert are recommends to consume within 2 hours.